November 24 2015
Episode 71

Vanessa Van Edwards


People are not only essential for our growth but also give us a lot of happiness.

You know how important people skills are. You know how important charisma is. You know that human interaction and building relationships are both huge parts of building your own business and brand. But did you know there are things you can do to help people trust you within the first seven seconds of meeting you? Probably not.

I first heard Vanessa Van Edwards on a couple other podcasts, and thought the work she was doing at Science of People was so cool that I had to have her on the show. She has a company called the Science of People, where she is researching the science of what makes humans tick, why we act the way we do, and how we can hack our own behaviors.

Listen in to hear us talk about how to start conversations, the best place to stand at a party, what charisma actually is, the power behind a smile, and much more.

There’s so much more to us than what we show up as.


Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What is the Science of People [4:30]
  • How she started studying people [6:40]
  • Why being yourself is the best way to be [9:15]
  • What is charisma [10:45]
  • How do you learn charisma [13:25]
  • Why you have to try to get people out of automatic [17:15]
  • Why it’s good to start a conversation once people get their first drink [18:55]
  • What is the iceberg illusion [22:00]
  • What is an ambivert [24:35]
  • Why it’s important to know how you refuel [26:25]
  • Why she started studying happiness [29:50]
  • The relationship between mastery and happiness [32:40]
  • Why artists should share their narrative [38:15]
  • The value of setting expectations and collateral [42:25]
  • How the psychology of selling is all about trust [43:45]
  • How to get someone to trust you in seven seconds [45:15]
  • Why you have to accept if there wasn’t a spark [52:55]
  • The power of the smile [1:00:10]

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  • Thanks so much for doing your podcast. You’ve got such a high quality of guest and somehow most of them seem to match up with things I need to learn at the moment. Also like how you keep your solo shows short and interesting. Thanks dude.

  • Wanda Scalo, MSSW, LCSW December 25, 2015

    I am a psychotherapist of 36 years. I totally loved and feel inspired by Nick and Vanessa. I am now going to subscribe for more of Nick O. Thank you so much!

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