February 7 2015
Episode 38

Usher Raymond IV

“Philanthropy is the rent we pay to be on this planet.”

What does it take to sell more than 65 million records?

65 f___ing million…

Our next guest has done all that and more. He is one of the few diamond artists which went 10 times certified platinum on one album alone. He has many hits recognized around the world like “Good Kisser”, “Scream”, “Climax”, “Yeah”, “With Or Without You”, the list goes on and on. This man is a music legend.

Don’t think this episode is about idolizing international pop stars. It’s about exploring the psychology and mindset behind what it takes to turn creative drive into a phenomenal career.

What he has in common with the other #SHOPTALKradio guests, is that he’s an artist empowered by passion and drive.

Thank you for checking out this weeks episode with Usher Raymond IV.

“Evolve or evaporate.”


Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What’s going on in Usher’s world [1:00]
  • The role of family in entertainment. Handpicked and blood [2:45]
  • How to keep the family together while living on the road [5:00]
  • What it’s like growing up without a father [10:10]
  • When and how Usher decided he was going to be a singer [11:45]
  • What’s it’s like moving to New York as a 15 year old kid [17:00]
  • Lessons in integrity [19:00]
  • Usher’s creative vision when starting out in the industry [22:15]
  • How the need to maintain effected Usher’s creative authenticity [26:20]
  • On evolving philosophy of music and how it’s done [30:15]
  • How to stay authentic to yourself while managing label/audience expectations [36:00]
  • Where the latest inspiration comes from [37:20]
  • Philanthropy and where it started from [41:40]


Links mentioned:

  • Other artists Usher mentions:

Puff Daddy – Mary J. BligeJanet Jackson

Al B. Sure – BabyfaceEasy Mo BeePebbles

PharcydeTribe Called QuestWu Tang Clan

Luke SteeleSwedish House MafiaEDM

Chris Brown

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