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Part 5/15 on How to Create a Career in Art: Create Your Moments
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    Staying fresh. Good question. I’ll be doing a podcast on that in a while in my mini series. I was interviewing Usher, and the biggest thing he said that stuck out to me was Evolve or Evaporate. You’ve gotta keep re-inventing. Look at the greats that are still relevant. He is one of them. Madonna, U2, etc. They all have re-invented over the years. The same applies to us. I think it’s the mindset. You have to stay hungry. Devour knowledge. Strive to be the best “person” you can be. I went through a time a couple years ago, probably around the same time we bid on the cruise line job where my sales dropped significantly. It was depressing. Emotionally… view post
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    In Lieu of Coachella 2015 starting this weekend, Alden and I were inspired to create our own story: Breakaway Dreamer. An editorial inspired by the desert scape and Coachella Festival style… about a dreamer- she’s a wanderer, a festival girl, and a lover. A girl who seeks meaning within nature and every element that she comes across. She finds peace in being aloof, yet she’s not lonely. Experiencing fulfillment within new and nostalgic moments that get her going. She eludes addicting and contained spontaneity that rewards and spreads throughout her surroundings. For all you camera geeks out there, this story was mostly shot on my Contax G2 with my 28mm and 45mm lenses. The shots inside were taken on my Canon 1Dx since it […] view post