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2015 Williamsburg w/ Nick & Cody
Part 3/15 on How to Create a Career in Art: Deconstruct
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  • 2015 Alden Joshua Tree Film
    In Lieu of Coachella 2015 starting this weekend, Alden and I were inspired to create our own story: Breakaway Dreamer. An editorial inspired by the desert scape and Coachella Festival style… about a dreamer- she’s a wanderer, a festival girl, and a lover. A girl who seeks meaning within nature and every element that she comes across. She finds peace in being aloof, yet she’s not lonely. Experiencing fulfillment within new and nostalgic moments that get her going. She eludes addicting and contained spontaneity that rewards and spreads throughout her surroundings. For all you camera geeks out there, this story was mostly shot on my Contax G2 with my 28mm and 45mm lenses. The shots inside were taken on my Canon 1Dx since it… view post
  • JR+photo+5_crop_FEAT
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  • 2015 #TeamOnken WOODSTOCK Retreat
    Part 2/15 on How to Create a Career in Art: See The Destination view post
  • 2013 Amber Rae
    How to Explore Your Creativity from the Inside Out view post
  • 2015 Janet & George Antarctica
    Antarctica is not an easy place to get to and thus, off most people’s radars to even think about going. For me it was always a far off dream. Something I’ve thought about, but a big reason for going was to check the 7th and final continent that I’ve set foot on off the list. It’s one of those places that is exactly how you think and dream of it to be, but even better. It’s one of the first places where I feel photography and video can’t do justice to the experience of actually being there. It’s like no other place I’ve ever been. The vast nuclear blue ice scapes that are so dense that the only color of […] view post
  • onken_130211_CNT_GRENADINES_1172_FEAT
    Part 1/15 on How to Create a Career in Art: Find Your WHY view post