2014 Frankie Stone & Gavin Beasley Malibu Adventures
Life is a series of moments that you create.  How often do we dream of moments to happen in our lives? I know I do, and I’ve done it for so long. Hollywood has plagued us with dreams that we fictitiously want but never believe can happen. But why not? Why do we believe that those moments are a fantasy? What if we changed frames and decided to live life through the lens of creation. Making a conscious choice to create the moments we dream of? When it comes down to it, we are the only ones that hold ourselves back from achieving those beautiful instances of time, those small connections, those moments of bliss, etc. What’s even deeper than…
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  • 2014 Jon Contino Shoptalk Radio
    What it Takes to Be a World Class Calligraphy Artist view post
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    If you’ve embarked on a creative entrepreneur lifestyle that allows you to travel a lot, there’s one thing that I can say has been a huge asset to my travel life. Traveling a lot gets wearing on the body and health, so all those small hacks make the biggest difference. This hack is a long game, but pays off in the end. This hack is for a level of business people where a $100 maybe $200 in airfare doesn’t make that much of a difference. If you’re looking for the cheapest fare, this isn’t for you. Travel Hack: FLY ONE AIRLINE and stick to it. So lets talk benefits first. 1. UPGRADES! The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is flying […] view post
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  • 2014 Lynette Cenee PPDS
    Lynette is a good friend of mine that I met when she did makeup on my shoot with Tori Kelly (Check out the photos from that shoot here). Lynette is beautiful and is becoming well known in the youtube space for her nail art. She’s creating her own nail art products and building her youtube following. If you want to get your beauty on, check her instructional videos out on her channel here. What is your story in the beauty realm? What all do you do, have you done, and what are you known for? I actually grew up watching my mom as a cosmetologist, she had an in-home salon that she worked out of and my dad was a […] view post
  • 2014 Jim Kwik
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  • 2014 Jenna Phillips
    Jenna is a beautiful and powerful leader that I met through the leadership workshop I’ve been doing. She’s become a good friend and is up to some big things. She started as a personal trainer and has trained some big names. She has a powerful story and is taking that to the next level and life coaching people to the next level in their lives.Jenna recently wrote a guest blog post on how to overcome being overwhelmed. In your work as a personal trainer, who have you worked with that you can talk about? I’ve worked with a smorgasbord of amazing human beings. I had been a trainer for just a month when I was 23, and my first client […] view post